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Beacons open up a New Way to Communicate.

A GeoFence needs an address while a Beacon can be placed Anywhere. There are even Waterproof ones for outdoor use. Think about a Tee marker on a Golf Course or a Plumber putting one in Every Van.

Why are Beacons gaining so much traction?

To answer this question think of it from the prospective of a retailer...
"How am I going to reach my Target Customer?"

You have Several Options

Since we work with all major Beacon Manufacturers, here are the links to some of the biggest and you are free to evaluate what you need and order direct.

Business Customers can Order Direct and some of our Partners Stock.
Talk to your Partner.

Our system works and we aren't affected by anything Google does.
Your Partner will insure you get the Best System for your needs, and at the Best Price.
Whether you order direct or from our Partner, our system will simply Work.