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The Pocket Billboard

When you need to get messages out to specific folks in specific groups, any number of folks, why not Pulse Them Out?
With the push of a button, the folks in the group have the message instantly, in Real Time, usually by  the time your finger is off the button

Remember the Pager? This is like a Pocket Billboard Pager on Sterroids where messages are delivered INSTANTLY, at the Push of a Button, to any group of folks.

Push Notifications = Instant Communication at it's Best.
GeoFence system included = Broadcasts messages based upon Location.

Deliver Instant Messages

Multiple Uses, multiple groups and each group gets their separate message.

  • Advise everyone arriving at the venu what to do next.
  • A meeting has been cancelled.
  • A Major Schedule change.
  • A Last Minute Location Change and folks are already on the way.
  • The South entrance is Closed, use the North Entrance today.
  • Substitute Teachers, it's an hour till Class Time and we need a Substitute for Math.
  • All P.T.A. members, reminder that todays meeting has been moved to the Northview High Auditorium. Enter through the main West Entrance and turn right.
  • The Mayor needs to send a Last Minute Message to the Planning Commission and they are already on the way.
You get the Idea. When you need to get it out there NOW, Pulse it Out.
  • Immediate Notification - One push of a button and your message is broadcast IMMEDIATELY to your 'Group.'
    > The group size is irrelevant. One click and Everyone gets it.
    > By the time you finger is off "Send" it's already there, 5 or 5,000.
    > It's not like Text Messages that get expensive quickly.
  • Control - You control who is in each group, how many groups, which message goes to each group, when it goes out and you can even schedule messages for later.
  • Push Notifications - Far Superior to Email.
    > No Spam. 
    > No Possibility of a Virus
    > No Possibility of Hacking.
    > 100% Delivery Rate in Real Time.
    > No Throttling of delivery like with most email clients.
    > Everyone gets it Immediately.
    > Users swipe to read or ignore. No multiple clicking to delete like a text.
    > No 'mining' of addresses by gmail, hotmail, outlook or other suppliers.
    > Totally Secure, no possibility of compromise.
  • UNIQUE STYLES - Message can be simple wording, a link, a picture, even a mini website.

Push Notifications

Nearly Instant.
No Bandwidth Requirement.
Has no effect on cellular billing plans.
Universally Accepted.


Total Control.
You create your Groups.
A High School Principal will have one for Faculty, one for Substitutes, one for Students, one for Parents, one for each of the different committees. etc.

Any Size

Send messages to different or all Groups as often and when you need.
Schedule messages for a later time with an incredible variety of options for delivery.

Member Creation

No need for the tedious monitoring and adding of names. You just create your groups and each will have a link and QR Code. Just send that link to group members and they are in that group.

GeoFencing Function


Location Based Marketing

Target Marketing

When they enter your "Fence" the message you choose is broadcast.


You Control

How and What they See

Have a message when they enter, one when they stay, or one when they leave.  You have total control.
You decide on the "Scenarios."


From your Dashboard

You Update

You decide what everyone sees through your GeoFence, what they see when you Pulse-Out messages, etc.
Everything is controled in your dashboard and you can make changes when you need. Changes are immediate, no delay.



Pulse-OUT, FREE to Non Profits.

It's an easy way to send messages to your group, when you want, as many as you want, NOW.

> A Message.
> A Landing Page.
> A Link to anything on the Web.
> An APP.
> A Basic Announcement.
> A Specific Message to a Group.
> A Message to Everyone.
> A Video Newsletter.

You have total control.
Share you Log-in with others and they can help.
Push messages out now or schedule to be delivered at a certain time or date.

Then, we layer on the GeoFencing Feature for some Real Benefits.

The list of benefits of this system is lengthy.

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A complete site to explain why this makes sense for your organization.

Finally a way to have 'FUNraising' that is ongoing, successful, and Helps the local businesses, not just your project.
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Non-Profits, We Should Talk

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Traditional advertising doesn't work for us. Folks need to see it in action and what better way than to have 1,000's of happy users receiving information from their organization?
This will serve as an introduction to our commercial side, the Whats-Out! system.

We are currently developing an extensive library of training videos at so you know all the ins and outs of your new system. These videos will help get you going, keep you going and help new folks understand the system.